Best Start

Best Start©

for Pastors and congregations within the first 24 months of ministry together

How do you capture the energy and enthusiasm, momentum and hope of a new ministry AND honor the relationships, history, dreams and hopes of a people you do not yet know? How do you name the opportunities and challenges without hurting the very people you have come to shepherd and serve? How do you together learn the heartbeat of God for the larger community and your ministry in it? How can you get the best start possible in this new ministry together?

Best Start© is an in-depth consulting engagement that empowers a congregation and their new pastor to capitalize on the energy and enthusiasm of the present moment with the goal of accelerating progress toward’s God’s best for them in the community. The unique synthesis and feedback from community and congregational surveys and research, facilitated listening events, and leadership assessments, give a new pastor the vitally important insights and focus needed for achieving his or her best start in their new position.

Best Start provides newly appointed pastors with invaluable community and congregational insights that might otherwise never be discovered.  What’s more, it serves as a catalyst for hastening the growth of healthy relationships between the new pastor, staff, and congregation. Ultimately, Best Start helps all constiuents of the church reach a unified vision for their church going forward.


  • Context Study
  • Congregational survey
  • Leadership survey and assessment
  • Facilitated congregational listening session(s)
  • Staff and leadership session
  • Immediate Feedback report
  • Comprehensive Report (one week later)
  • Coaching sessions before and after consultation week


  • Shortens the time needed to build understanding and fruitful relationships
  • Heightens awareness and insight about the church’s role in the community
  • Helps pastor and staff see with new eyes
  • Builds greater trust among leadership team
  • Unifies congregational direction
  • Brings clarity

LPS Mission Partners brings a collaborative team of people and resources led by Rev. Ken G. Crawford.  Ken’s ministry background includes leadership in congregational and institutional settings across several denominations. His formation includes strong United Methodist, Presbyterian and Disciples of Christ influences.

 For Additional Information:

Ken Crawford or Whit Dreher 800-123-4567

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