Institute for Vital Ministry Executive Summary

Institute for Vital Ministry (IVM) – Executive Summary
What is IVM?
Institute for Vital Ministry (IVM) is a community of diverse individuals, groups, and stake holders who collaborate as they develop vital faith and ministry. The purpose is to create, collect and share resources to develop, support and renew vital ministry. This work is accomplished through a combination of peer learning communities; training events; immersion experiences; consulting; and individual coaching, counseling and spiritual direction. By design the program will seek to address and integrate the full range of needs of participants in a holistic model.
What makes IVM different?
We bring all participants and dialogue partners into one community of conversation and collaboration for mutual benefit. Other programs working in the areas of ministry formation, revitalization and transformation have tended to focus on laity or clergy in one or another specific segment of the ministry spectrum. We desire to be partners with those efforts, while moving the conversation forward in new ways. We believe that the church of the next century needs the shared learning and leading that will best develop through diverse communities of learning and practice.
To this end, we pursue core values of Variety, Longevity, Integration and Collaboration. Variety – We seek to include laity and clergy across a diverse spectrum of backgrounds and interests. Longevity – we seek to develop and instill individual and organizational habits and practices that are self-motivating, reproducing and lasting. Integration – we seek to develop and instill a holistic approach to personal and ministry development that understands and honors all aspects of the person – private and public. Collaboration – we seek to establish and cultivate relationships with multiple partners across disciplines, recognizing that no individual or small group of organizations can address the needs for ministry formation over the coming decades.
IVM will offer programming to laity and clergy at varying stages of their personal and ministry formation, and will provide opportunities for these participants to interact with and learn from individuals in other groups. While there are distinctions and differences between us, far more similarities unite us, and when we come together, we can better learn from and support one another.
Potential collaboration partners include: coaching and consulting organizations; seminaries and theology schools; undergraduate colleges and universities; foundations; denominational leaders and divisions; missional initiatives; spiritual life and ministry training centers; collaborative and entrepreneurial centers; and contextual organizations addressing human needs.
What do we need now?
We are seeking partners who will help carry the conversation forward, collaborators who will help develop IVM, and, by extension, the partners, individuals, institutions and foundations who will lend material, financial, relational and spiritual support to these efforts. Great work is already being done, and more remains to be done. If you are ready to help us further advance the cause of Vital Ministry, please contact Rev. Ken G. Crawford, 214-288-1663,

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