Ministry Overview ~ Rev Ken G Crawford @ Synchronous Life

(You can read a personal bio and introduction here)

Ken has served on the staffs of six congregations and three hospitals across six cities and led groups representing over a dozen ecumenical Christian and interfaith traditions. Leadership roles have included work with children, youth, young adults, families, empty nesters and seniors. Ken excels at communication through preaching, teaching and writing. He is an ordained minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and he currently is working on a Doctor of Ministry degree at Perkins, SMU. He holds certifications as a Coach, Pastoral Care Specialist, and Pastoral Addictions Counselor.

Ken will work as the leader of these programs, or is happy consulting with congregations to help them launch their own Ministry Discernment and Formation Programs. His ministry includes:

Leadership Formation: Ken’s leadership development work has taken several forms.

1)      Individual and Group Coaching for ministry discernment, development and revitalization. Ken is particularly interested in work with clergy and congregations who find themselves challenged by their contexts and uncertain of the path forward.

2)      A Ministry Internship Program designed and led by Ken is flexible enough for laity, ministry students, and the newly commissioned and ordained. This program enables the intern to develop ministry skills in a supportive setting while continuing to gain clarity regarding call and pastoral identity. Along the way theological articulation and spiritual life deepen.

3)      Commissioned and Lay Ministry Training Program – He planned and led a four year academic program for lay and commissioned ministers serving in congregational, institutional and non-traditional ministries.

4)      Spiritual Direction and theological reflection are essential for sustained healthy and vital ministry. Ken works with leaders to help them deepen their own prayer lives and grow increasingly peaceful in the midst of the joys and struggles of ministry. Along the way we continually ask, “Who am I in God?”, “Where is God at work?” and “What might God want for, from, and through us for others?”

An example of Ken’s thoughts on the Formation of Transformational Leadership can be found at:

Discernment & Strategic Planning: Ken has authored an original biblically based discernment process, Discovering God’s Dream, for use with individuals, groups and organizations. This process is rooted in the belief that we need to clearly and honestly understand ourselves and our ministry context in order to discern God’s will for us in this place and time. Each individual and each institution is uniquely gifted to serve, and each context provides particular opportunities and challenges to be met. We implement the discerned vision through careful and effective strategic planning.

Speaking, Teaching and Preaching: Ken is available as a guest preacher or speaker. He develops custom programs for groups in a variety of settings. He also has dozens of programs “in the can” that can be presented in a variety of formats. A sample can be found here:

Conference and Retreat Leadership: Ken has led conferences and retreats for youth and adults for 20 years. He enjoys the challenge of working with a group to custom design a program to fit their goals. He also has a variety of programs that are “in the can” and ready to go with just a few weeks’ notice. Events may be as short as a half day or as long as a week.

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Ministry Overview ~ Rev Ken G Crawford @ SynchronousLife
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